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Open Garden is an innovating project that emphasises on being able to share an Internet signal between devices. Improve your connectivity with Open Garden


Share the your devices' Internet signal

May 10, 2018
9 / 10

What would you say if you were offered the possibility to share your full Internet signal between any device as long as you had a common application installed. Well that is exactly what Open Garden has to offer

Share all your signal

The idea behind Open Garden is to share the Internet signal between the devices it has support for, whether received from a data connection, cable or Wi-Fi. Thanks to this you will be able to redirect the signal from a mobile to a computer that doesn't have access or directly share the Internet signal between two mobiles even if they are from two different companies, to name a few examples.

Open Garden currently offers support for devices with the Android operating system as well as Windows and Mac OS X computers, with an iOS application development programmed for the near future.

Connectivity without barriers.

Open Garden uses all the power of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections of all of the devices that are interconnected, basically forming a network that knocks down all walls that may exist when it comes to sharing the signal, doesn't how it is received (3G or 4G, broadband, Wi-Fi, etc.).

Download Open Garden for free to take a step towards the future and start forming part of what is possibly the most innovating connectivity network to the date.

Requirements and additional information:

  • This download requires that the computer has an active Bluetooth connection working by means of Microsoft Bluetooth Stack.
  • The application has a reach of 20 metres.
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